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A World of Opportunities

The United States of America has a proud heritage of innovation from Edison to the I-phone. Today’s generation of innovators may miss their best opportunities if they don’t look across the world for the best markets and the most cost effective manufacturing.

The sheer potential of countries like India and China, each with populations of over a billion,  is enormous.  With accelerated globalization and increasing competition, the expansion of markets beyond national boundaries has become a fact of life for most manufacturing and many service industries. But start-ups and small companies may not have the International connections to take advantage of what the world has to offer.

RAM International specializes in identifying business opportunities in these countries and other emerging nations around the world. These countries need new technologies, products and services. These opportunities if properly harnessed, can often far out pace the competitive home markets for many businesses.

India, for instance, has a middle class population now exceeding 250 million, boasting both a product-hungry consumer market place as well as a technologically competent and comparatively inexpensive work force. The established business language being English, communication and business transactions are smoother and less problematic.

China, with a burgeoning middle class, offers an equally huge demand for goods and services. At the same time it the major center in the world for economically produced manufactured goods sold in markets across the globe.

Other emerging markets are too many to list but will account for increasing shares of the products manufactured and services needed in years ahead. Singapore for instance, is a thriving economy and financial hub that has great potential.

Of special importance to RAM International are innovations that take technologies, often right off the shelf, that can provide sustainable infrastructure in developing areas around the world. The classic example is found with cell phones, which have totally bypassed traditional land lines for basic communications in emerging economies. Energy production, waste management, transportation, education, medicine, and food production are all areas ready to adopt innovative technologies that leapfrog old technologies and advance these economies.

The middle classes in many of these countries are not only hungry for products and services, they are also hungry for jobs among the educated classes that can tackle production activities beyond the well known manually intensive manufacturing operations.